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   New StreamBox Solution - What's News For 2011 Posted Date:  08/23/2011
Streambox Enterprise Server. Streambox Live Pro. Streambox 3D. Streambox Avenir - Mobile Videp Broadcast Solution. HD Decoder - 1080i Fixed Output. Advanced Video Unconversion. Improved - StreamboxMe (Mibile Encoder).
   Avenir - Complete Mobile Live and File-based HD/SD Solution for Broadcast and Broadband Video Posted Date:  08/23/2011
Avenir is a specialized Streambox ACT-L3 HD and SD mobile broadcasting device designed for video contribution and streaming for non-technical users to quickly send live and file-based video from remote locations over bonded wireless 3G/4G networks and the Internet.
   Streambox SBT3-9300 HD/SD system Posted Date:  08/23/2011
The SBT3-9300 HD/SD system provides superior performance and reliability due to the unrivaled ACT-L3 compression and networking features which include robust forward error correction, burst error protection, and bandwidth shaping technologies.
   The Streambox® SBT3-2300 1RU Video Transport system Posted Date:  08/23/2011
Streambox® ACT-L3™ encoders and decoders excel over low bandwidth networks while providing unrivaled video compression and quality. All solutions are specifically developed to meet the performance, compression, and quality requirements of our diverse customers, including broadcasters, government agencies, and enterprises.
   Radio The Voice of Vietnam’s VOV traffic channel – Ha Noi Posted Date:  04/22/2011
VOV Traffic Information Channel, which is on air almost all day, provide its listeners with necessary information during their journeys including traffic condition, weather, warnings about accident possibilities and directions that help drivers to select alternative routes to avoid problem areas. The information is directly delivered to people over the public radio airwaves. The project was designed and implemented to take information about real-time visibility condition on all major streets in...
   Radio The Voice of Vietnam’s VOV Traffic Channel – Ho Chi Minh Posted Date:  04/22/2011
Following the success of the project in Hanoi-based VOV’s Traffic channel, VOV carried out a similar project in HCM City. It was designed and implemented to get real-time information and images about traffic situations on HCM City’s streets, the data then would be sent through wireless broadband to monitoring center in VOV branch in HCM City at No 75 Tran Thanh Ton Street, District 5.
   FAQ-How do I Export my project Posted Date:  08/09/2011
I have finished my edit and now I want to export my project. Does Edius have a way to export to file formats such as Windows Media Player, MPEG, Quicktime, etc? All I can find is the option to export to AFF or a EDL
   FAQ-How do I create a still image from a frame Posted Date:  08/09/2011
How do I create a still image from a frame of one of my video clips (or how do I export a still frame)? With the video that you want to capture a still frame from, on your timeline, position your curser on your clips so that the exact frame that you want is displayed in the record monitor. Use the keyboard shortcut, Control/T, and Edius will capture a still frame and place it in your bin.
   FAQ-How do I add effects to my video Posted Date:  08/09/2011
Video effects are applied with a drag and drop motion from the effects palette to the clip that you wish to effect. Find the effect that you want to use in the effects palette, click once on the effect and, while holding your mouse click down drag the effect on to the video portion of the clip on your timeline.
   FAQ-How can I get Edius to remember my in and out selections Posted Date:  08/09/2011
Every time I open up a clip that I have worked with before, my "in and out" points are gone! Is there any way to have Edius keep my "in and out" selections that I have chosen?
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