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Project Management


Good project management can be defined as successfully planning and managing the tasks and resources used in a project, from its onset through to its completion, while maintaining open and effective communication with all parties involved. When a project is successfully managed, it moves smoothly from one phase to the next. Risk management is seen as an integral part of project management

When BMTS JSC Broadcast Systems manages a project, the installed system will:
  -  Meet or exceed the performance specified in the Bid 
  -  Comply with industry 'standards' 
  -  Maximize the budget allotted 
  -  Use staff and other resources effectively 
  -  Provide maximum serviceability for you 
  -  Provide maximum functionality for you 
  -  Be completed on budget and on time 
BMTS JSC Project Managers are trained to think from the customer’s perspective. They can manage the project from design to documentation, through installation, to final acceptance.


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