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How the Quicklink TX Multi can work for you?
August 18, 2016

The Quicklink TX range can be used to both send and receive one or multiple regular Skype calls.

If you are looking to obtain breaking news in an instance, use your mobile phone or tablet to stream directly to the studio/MCR where the Quicklink TX can send this to air via the one or four SDI outputs. If you are looking to bring a remote speaker to a conference/event/interview, this can be achieved using either a mobile phone/tablet/laptop/TX where a two way, good quality with low latency interview can take place.


By using the extra benefits that regular Skype cannot offer, the audio and video to air is studio grade and highly used. Set up your own Quicklink Contributor web page to track freelancers/cameraman in an area of breaking news to be first on the scene. The Quicklink TX range includes our multi calling system with one output and our high availability calling system with four inputs and 4 outputs. As the only provider offering these units, these are despatched on a daily basis globally.

How would you like to use a Quicklink TX?