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42 million U.S., European homes watching OTT shows, movies on their TVs
October 27, 2011
More than 42 million homes in the United States and Europe use the Internet to watch television shows and movies on their television, according to a report released last week by Strategy Analytics.
World record 26 terabits per second (26Tbit/s) data transmission achieved
May 26, 2011
With video content consuming ever more bandwidth, the need for faster data transmission rates has never been greater. Now a team of scientists at Germany's Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are claiming a world record in data transmission with the successful encoding of data at a rate of 26 terabits per second on a single laser beam and transmitting it over a distance of 50 km (31 miles). The scientists claim this is the largest data volume ever transported on a laser beam and enables the transmission of 700 DVD's worth of content in just one second.
Streambox solution transports live HD/SD video via Verizon’s new 4G LTE network
February 09, 2011
The Streambox Hybrid HD/SD Software Encoder is now capable of transporting HD video with only one cellular modem due to Verizon’s new 4G LTE mobile broadband network. Last December, US telco Verizon launched its 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) network in 38 cities around the country, including Seattle, home of Streambox headquarters.
Panasonic, Grass Valley collaborate on AVC-Intra support
December 22, 2010
An ongoing collaborative technology development between Grass Valley and Panasonic has delivered interoperability with Panasonic’s AVC-Intra compression format across Grass Valley’s complete line of HD media servers and editing products.
The best of times, the worst of times for 3-D
December 08, 2010
Editorial director Brad Dick shares his thoughts on 3-D TV, its wealth of technology and its dearth of content. If one were to judge the importance of 3-D stereoscopic equipment by the exhibits and hoopla at either NAB or IBC this year.
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